Exclusive Madingley Hall tours

Madingley Hall has been described as a twentieth century restoration of an eighteenth century adaptation of a sixteenth century Tudor manor house. It is also the story of wealth, power, decline and enthusiastic restoration.

Today it is the home of Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education and we are proud to be associated with the Hall and to be allowed, by special arrangement, to take parties around.

So why not enjoy a tour of Madingley Hall?  Maybe combine a walking tour of Cambridge and a tour of the Hall, ending up with afternoon tea at the Hall, or just enjoy a leisurely tour of the Hall with perhaps lunch or tea to round off your visit.

For more information, including options of Bed and Breakfast at Madingley Hall please have a look at www.madingleyhall.co.uk.

Allow us to arrange a very special day for you, but also allow us plenty of time, as it is "By Special Arrangement".

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